Healthcare in the United States is in a quandary; Modern technology and science have brought us marvelous new treatments and technology and yet at the same time, Americans have more physical aches and pains than ever.

As a result, patients now take more and more medications to handle their symptoms and pay more for their health care for fewer results.

The Physicians Business Solutions model of healthcare uses a global approach in looking at the patient's overall condition. Traditional diagnostic tools are utilized to identify the cause of the presenting medical condition. Once identified, a specific program is prescribed and a clinical team approach is used to ensure the resolution of the patient's condition.


For most physicians, the assumption was quite simply this: get a great education, become a doctor and take care of the families in the community. There was no game to play, just focus on getting patients well. With this accomplished, you the doctor would become respected in your town and would not have any financial concern. You would be rewarded for long hours in school and hard work in practice by a great life for yourself and your family.


As the 1980's were ending, the keys to our patient's health were handed over to corporate America. You, the physician, were taken out of the puzzle in lieu of big business and the pharmaceutical industry decided to market directly to the public instead of you. This created the new type of patient that arrives at your office asking for X-prescription instead of your evaluation, opinion or expertise. The insurance carriers created HMO, PPO, EPO and whatever O's would benefit their quarterly profit and loss statements and our patient base now calls to see if you are on the plan before they ask if you can help with their health problems. The direct result is that patients now demand treatment marketed to them directly and will only follow your recommendations if their insurance company says they will pay for them. Your expertise is lost along with your income.

This scene is a picture of insanity which has driven many physicians to leave practice. Most doctors are dissuading their children from attending medical school because they believe the landscape in healthcare is bleak.

The solution is simple:

Create a better business model for you, the physicians

We at Physicians Business Solutions MD/DC have chosen to create a sane business model that has multiple service centers for patients. Our model follows federal and local guidelines which allow the services to be reimbursed by most 3rd party payers. We want to help physicians evolve to take back the control of their financial future and their patient’s well-being.

  • 120 patient visits per week
  • Increase new services to existing patients
  • Increase case collections per patient $350-$2,000
  • $85,000-$150,000 collections per month

Six Basic Service Centers

  • Evaluation and Management
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Injections
  • Diagnostics and Testing
  • Rehab/Chiropractic
  • Alcat